Analyze & act with
omni-channel attribution

Accurately attribute omni-channel conversions across social, paid ads, influencers and owned channels. Get clarity, save money & increase sales.

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Cross-channel customer journeys

Gain a holistic view of your customer journey & act with data

Track customer touchpoints across channels with deep insights into their paths to purchase. Act on channels & campaigns that are contributing to revenue, which otherwise is get overlooked due to poor channel attribution.
Omni-channel performance dashboards

Attribute sales accurately with advanced multi-touch models

Understand the true value of each marketing channel and make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns and resources - let Moda’s true ROAS guide you.
acquisition based reports

Make the most of your media spends to maximize ROAS

Use data-driven insights to allocate your marketing budgets effectively and prioritize high-impact campaigns and creatives. Stop acting on short-sighted ad channel data!
Owned channel reports

Reveal actionable insights with email data and reporting

Optimize owned channel performance across campaigns & automations from opens, click-throughs, bounce rates & attributed revenue.

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