Form Builder Pro is a powerful app to easily create forms and gather data from customers. With its user-friendly interface, smooth workflow, and advanced features, Form Builder Pro allows you to design and create beautiful forms that fit the aesthetic of your store. It also features file uploads, conditional and dynamic field logic, Google reCaptcha to stop fake submissions, and full mobile compatibility.


  • Easy Form Creation: With Form Builder Pro, you can easily create forms for your store. You can also add, edit, or delete fields to customize your forms.
  • File Uploads: You can upload multiple files or images to add to your forms.
  • Conditional & Dynamic Field Logic: Form Builder Pro allows you to design personalized forms with conditional and dynamic field logic.
  • Fit Your Store's Aesthetic: Your forms will look great and match the look and feel of your store.
  • Google reCaptcha: Form Builder Pro includes Google reCaptcha to stop fake submissions and increase form security.
  • Mobile Responsive: The forms are optimised to look great on any device, including mobile phones and tablets.
  • UTM Tracking: Keep track of UTMs for all form submissions in Form Builder Pro and monitor your campaigns.
  • Customizable Form Elements: You can customize every part of your form with Form Builder Pro.
  • Secure Data Processing: Your customers' data is securely processed and stored using industry-leading encryption and protection standards.
  • Support: Form Builder Pro provides excellent customer support.


Form Builder Pro requires a fee to use the app. The Basic Plan starts at $0.99/month, and there is also a 7-day free trial. With this plan, you can create forms for your store and take advantage of all the app’s features.



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