The PRODUCT SEARCH BAR & FILTERS app by Doofinder helps increase online businesses' conversion rates by leveraging AI-based search technology. The app provides personalized search results that are tailored to an individual's preferences through complex algorithms, executed in less than 25 milliseconds, without increasing your load time. The app provides an array of AI-powered marketing tools to enable internal site search. Additionally, the app transitions seamlessly across a variety of devices and offers three different pricing plans to fit any budget.


  • Variety of Search Interfaces: The PRODUCT SEARCH BAR & FILTERS app provides numerous search interfaces that fit with a website's theme and aesthetic.
  • Instant Search Results: The app displays real-time search results when customers enter a query, eliminating the need to wait for page to refresh.
  • Smart Suggestions: The app offers smart suggestions to improve search accuracy and recommends products that customers may be interested in based on their search queries.
  • Autocomplete: In addition to smart suggestions, the app also provides autocomplete capabilities, allowing customers to type 'k' and get a list of words related to the query.
  • "Did You Mean...": The app goes beyond merely filling in words after autocomplete and provides "did you mean..." options, minimizing the need to rephrase or refine queries.
  • Long-tail & Synonyms: The app understands long-tail and synonym queries, which helps customers quickly find what they are looking for.
  • Voice & Visual Search: The app supports voice and visual search on both mobile and desktop devices.


The PRODUCT SEARCH BAR & FILTERS app offers a free plan with a 30-day free trial. Additional paid plans are offered, including Plan Basic ($35/mo), Plan Pro ($59/mo) and Plan Enterprise ($389/mo). Additional charges may apply depending on usage.



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