Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers is an app created to enable Shopify store owners to target their customers with relevant upsell and cross-sell products. This app provides store owners with powerful and effective sales-boosting features to incentivize and increase the average customer order value, as well as optimize customer engagement. With Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers, store owners can help customers discover and purchase items that will ensure a greater customer satisfaction.


  • Upsells: The app offers personalized upsells on the add-to-cart action, allowing store owners to promote the products that their customers need and want.
  • Discounts & Comparisons: The Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers app provides customers with discounts and comparison price discounts so that store owners can increase customer conversion rates.
  • Automated Installation: The app requires no manual installation and offers an automated setup that won’t mess with a store’s code.
  • Auto-Pilot Offers: Using Shopify Artificial Intelligence, the app can determine the perfect combination of offers for a given customer.
  • AI-Based Filtering: The Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers app employs a smart AI-based filtering to determine the right product offers for each individual customer.
  • Customizable Design: Store owners can customize the design of the upsell product boxes to match their store’s branding.
  • Engagement Content: Store owners can add custom call-to-action content to the upsell boxes so that customers are more likely to make a purchase.
  • Advanced Settings: Store owners can customize the app to display different upsells depending on the customer’s location, browsing history and cart value.
  • Dynamic Offers: Store owners can use the app to set dynamic offers that are triggered based on the customer’s unique behaviors.


Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers offer 4 tiers of pricing, depending on the needs of the store owners. The Basic plan is the most affordable option, at $19.49/month, and the Plus plan is the most expensive at $58.49/month. There is also a 14-day free trial available for store owners to test the app before making a purchase.



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