Aliexpress Dropshipping & More is an excellent app from Shopify that allows shop owners to dropship products with their own branding and fast shipping. This app ensures that your shop can make a profit by selling items at low prices compared to other online channels. It also allows shop owners to easily import products with a single click from various supplier sites, including Appfreaker Supply, Aliexpress, Alibaba, and Amazon.


  • Easy Dropshipping: The app allows shop owners to quickly and easily dropship products without any hassle.
  • Coordinated Filters: The app also includes powerful and coordinated filters to help shop owners quickly find and select products for their stores.
  • Multiple Supplier Sites: The app is compatible with multiple supplier sites, such as Appfreaker Supply, Aliexpress, Alibaba, and Amazon.
  • Automatic Data Updates: The app can keep product info automatically up-to-date by referencing data from Aliexpress.
  • Automatic Pricing Rules: Shop owners can apply pricing rules to automatically update item prices.
  • Quality Assurance:
  • The app ensures quality assurance by checking images, descriptions, and other product details before uploading them onto Shopify store.
  • Inventory Management: The app also helps shop owners to manage their inventory. This allows them to quickly remove out-of-stock items from their store.
  • Full Customization: The app also allows shop owners to fully customize the product titles and descriptions. This helps make the store look more professional and attract more customers.
  • Easy Order Tracking: The app also makes it easy for shop owners to track orders and keep track of customer shipments.
  • Free Plan: The app offers a free plan for shop owners to try out. There is also a 7-day free trial to help shop owners decide if it’s the right fit for their store.


Aliexpress Dropshipping & More offers five pricing plans to fit the needs of any shop owner. The free plan allows shop owners to try out the features of the app before committing to a paid plan. The other pricing plans are as follows: Basic plan ($5 per month), Standard plan ($10 per month), and Professional plan ($20 per month). They all feature different levels of customization, inventory management, and order tracking features.



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