What’s New in Moda: Product Updates

We’re always looking for innovative ways to make your marketing more impactful and are constantly improving the features. So here, you’ll find the latest product updates and their usability.

Febuary product updates

Last updated : Feb 27, 2023

AI-enabled email builder suite

Now create images from texts, get content suggestions for subject lines and pre-headers, all using AI within our Email builder.

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New marketing dashboard views and metrics

View additional campaign and flow metrics attributed from Emails and SMS

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Abandoned cart tool in email builder

Now easily drag-n-drop cart abandonment items in the Email builder with this tool and hyper-personalise your emails.

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New unified customer profile insights

Understand customer profile attributes and properties on a deeper

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New campaign insights

Analyze your campaign performance in-depth with new metrics such as Converted, Attributed Revenue and more.

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January product updates

Last updated : Jan 27, 2023

Leverage the power of reviews with Yotpo reviews integration

Trigger flows and segments based on customer reviews and build engaging customer relationships

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DMARC verification for improved email deliverability

DMARC setup is now live. You can set it up for your domain if you want a high and improved email deliverability. This is optional but recommended.

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Send SMS messages with Moda worldwide

Earlier, our SMS messages could be sent only across US and Canada. Now, you can send SMS globally and reach your audience wherever they are, without boundaries.

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December product updates

Last updated : Dec 22, 2022

Write beautiful, high converting Email copies with AI writer

With our AI-writer, you can easily rephrase and re-write sentences for headers, body text, CTA buttons and more. Various sentence suggestions would help elevate your copy to the next level!

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Analyze marketing performance with Marketing Dashboard

Now you can understand and access how your marketing campaigns or flows are performing across your channels. Learn about revenue per recipient, CTR and more metrics as such.

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4 new pre-built flows added to Templates

We’ve added 4 new pre-built flow templates for replenishment, customer discount and more. That means more ways to automate marketing communication with your customers.

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November product updates

Last updated : Nov 23, 2022

Group customer profiles based on their behavior in one click

You can now quickly group and sort your customers based on their behaviors and attributes such as their activity on your store, purchasing and marketing behavior, to name a few with our pre-built segments.

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Edit images in the campaign builder

With our native integration with Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash, you can get unlimited stock images in our campaign builder. But it doesn’t end there! You can now edit those images in Unlayer and customise it according to your brand tone, colors and liking.

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Use pre-built template library to design and send instant messages

We’ve added 100+ new pre-built email templates tailored to your company’s business goals. They’re based on groups such as post-purchase, offers and promotions, events such as Easter, industries such as petcare, beauty and more.

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Send one-time messages for seasonal sales, discounts and more

Now you can reach your customers seamlessly and in one-go with Emails and SMS campaign broadcasts. With precise targeting with segments, you can create groups of your customers based on behaviors and send customised campaigns to them.

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