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Our vision

The modern ecommerce stack is a set of software tools that is used to execute the various aspects (storefront, logistics, marketing, shipping, support etc) of running an ecommerce business, ranging from 5-12 apps on average per merchant. All tools in the stack have seen tremendous success over the years and have become massive companies in their own right, simply by playing their part in delivering a superior customer experience that drives growth.

While these software tools are powerful and solve tons of use cases within their domain, the merchant is left with disparate data sets sitting in silos. Simple questions and actions that need to be taken by a merchant, specifically when it involved data from different apps in the stack, has so far been an impossible task.

We’re building Moda for DTC brands and help them get a cohesive picture of what’s happening across their organization, make decisions and most importantly take action with a unified single source of truth.

Our mission

To address the pain points of the eCommerce brands, we decided to embark on building a  customer data & engagement platform for the modern ecommerce ecosystem. It is now our mission to democratize data and automation technology for DTC brands of all sizes. Over time, our product vision and roadmap will bring unified commerce data access across the ecosystem.

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Moda empowers marketers to own the modern eCommerce stack.

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Meet the team behind your growth

Tobin Thomas
CEO & Co-founder
Rohit Maheswaran
Rajeev Nair
VP of Product
Neil Roy
VP of Marketing
Akshay Karwal
Head of Product Marketing

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