Why partner with Moda?

Are you an eCommerce agency, freelancer, affiliate, influencer, or investor? Moda’s Partnership program is tailor made for you. No joining fees or minimum sales requirements!

Partner - revenue share

Up to 30% revenue share

Get one of the highest revenue shares in the market. We make sure you get visibility every day & get paid every month.

Partner - Apply

All-in-one partner portal

We run on PartnerStack, your 1-stop-shop to manage clients & add new brands by a referral form or link. Everything tracks automatically!

Partner - support

Partner support & guidance

From onboarding to getting $$$, we’re there with you 24x7. Learn how Moda can best benefit your clients for success.

Partner - rewards

Earn rewards as you grow

We develop a growth plan for each partner, and work together with you to achieve more. With each milestone, you get more rewards!

Partner - resources

Tailor-made resources & training

Get in-depth understanding of how to position Moda with your business - with training videos, courses, product updates, customer stories & more!

Partner - join

Get leads & grow your business

Increase your exposure & credibility with our co-marketing initiatives. Get new business opportunities & grow your customer base.

Who should partner with us?

Agency, blogger, freelancer, influencer, or investor - choose the partnership program that works best for you.

Agency partners

Drive success for your eCommerce clients with Moda

If you’re an eCommerce agency who’s clients can benefit from Moda’s omni-channel marketing - our agency program is tailored for you. Our agency partners get up to 30% revenue share, with incentives as your Moda portfolio grows.
Become an Agency Partner
Affiliate partners

Tap into your community & earn revenue

Have an eCommerce or marketing audience, or even connections that could benefit from Moda? Promote us in your blogs, newsletters, social posts, or videos with our referral link & get paid for every Moda customer you make, every month.
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Strategic partners

Incentivize Startups with exclusive discounts

Want to drive success for eCommerce Startups in your community or accelerator program? Become our ecosystem partner, give exclusive Moda discounts to brands in your portfolio, empower them to learn & grow in Moda’s customer community.
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Getting Started

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Take a minute to tell us about your business.

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We'll review your application & circle back to discuss.

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Post joining, get access to all Moda resources to help your clients succeed!

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Customer love

Why Moda is turning heads?

Smart Segments that work

“Moda’s segments have been helpful to see where different user groups are in their journey on our store and send personalized communication.”

Liquid Brew Coffees
Easy to use platform

“We've used used Mailerlite before this and the transition has been easy and worthwhile. Moda's email builder allows creating templates and launching campaigns quick without dependencies.”

Bombay Island Coffee Co.
Arabica Roasted Coffee
Very helpful support team

“Shout-out to Moda's customer success team. They have been incredibly helpful & responsive. With their help, I’ve been able to get the most out of the platform and make informed decisions about my campaigns and email automations.”

Organic Peanut Butter


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