Store Pickup & Local Delivery is an app by Shopify that allows business owners who have multiple store locations to add the convenience of in-store pickup and local delivery options to their store checkout. This app provides users with various configurable options, such as: the ability to setup order deposits, configure collection times, add order limits, delivery radius/zip code and delivery rates, and the ability to customize pickup/delivery availability options. Additionally, this app simplifies inventory management for businesses that have multiple stores, by allowing inventory to be linked and limiting pick-up/delivery depending on the location.


  • Add Multiple Locations: Each store can be configured individually or in bulk.
  • Store Pickup: Automatically recommends the closest pickup point for customers.
  • Local Delivery: Set delivery zones, cutoff times, and price/weight-based rates.
  • Disable Standard Shipping: Only offer local pickup and/or local delivery.
  • Customizable Order Deposits: Configure order deposits for orders that are placed.
  • Collection Times: Allow customers to select the time they want to pick up their order.
  • Order Limits: Set limits on the price or quantity of orders that are allowed to be picked up or delivered at a given point.
  • Delivery Radius/Zip Code: Specify delivery radius/zip code to restrict local delivery areas.
  • Delivery Rates: Set delivery rates based on cart weight or price.
  • Multiple Inventory Support: Link your Shopify inventory and limit items depending on the store location.


Store Pickup & Local Delivery offers a 14-day free trial, after which users must subscribe to a plan. The pricing for the plans is as follows:ONE LOCATION: $8.99/month, STORE PICKUP PLAN: $19.99/month, DELIVERY PLAN: $19.99/month, ULTIMATE PLAN: $29.99/month. The One Location plan is ideal for businesses with only one store while the Store Pickup and Delivery plans are better suited for multiple locations. The Ultimate plan combines both Store Pickup and Delivery and offers the most features and best value.



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