The Dexter – Product Price AB Test app is a great tool to increase the average order value of your business by finding the best price for your product. Through statistically significant A/B tests, you can achieve the right pricing and make more profit. Dexter is one of a kind and it lets you price test a product simultaneously over a certain period of time, while other apps offer basic A/B tests. It also ensures that revenue per 100 visitors is monitored at all times.


  • Flexible Traffic Split: The app gives the freedom to pick between 50%, 25%, or 10% of traffic split for price testing a product.
  • Set and Forget: With Dexter’s help, you don’t have to constantly change the PDP URL in Shopify for your ads. The price test won’t be changed through remarketing or cart recovery campaigns.
  • Easy Tracking: Dexter makes analytic tracking easy. You can see the performance of each price in just one glance.
  • Unlimited Tests: You can run unlimited tests for any length of time.
  • No Count Downtime: Regardless of the page type, the app counts the visitors and captures all the data needed.
  • Capture More Visitors: As the app is installed to your site, customers can easily be captured more visitors with one click.
  • Optimized Tests: Your tests will be automatically optimized to improve the response time of your website.
  • Custom Tests: You can create custom tests according to your needs.
  • Graphs: Easily monitor your A/B tests with real-time graphs.
  • Scheduling: Schedule your tests to save both time and energy.


The Dexter – Product Price AB Test app is free to install and use. However, additional charges may apply depending on the need. Charges are based on visitors at the rate of $3.99 per 100 visitors. The app counts visitors irrespective of page type. There are no extra charges for multiple tests at any point in time.



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