Email Popups & Upsell Pop Up is a powerful app designed to increase the effectiveness of campaigns and conversions on Shopify stores. With Email Popups & Upsell Pop Up, store owners and marketers are able to easily create and monitor email popups, upsells, cross-sells, promotional bars, surveys, and NPS campaigns to meet the needs of their customers.


  • Grow Email Subscribers: Email Popups & Upsell Pop Up allows store owners to create popups with detailed descriptions and adding CTAs, to engage new visitors, and grow their list of email subscribers.
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment: With exit intent popup offers, store owners can significantly reduce cart abandonment, as customers who are about to leave the store are presented with offers in a CTA.
  • Improve Order Value: Email Popups & Upsell Pop Up features personalized cross-sell offers, allowing retailers to offer related products to customers while they are shopping and increasing their average order value.
  • Upsell Suggestions: Store owners can suggest upgraded product versions to customers with upsell suggestions, adding additional revenue and deepening customers' loyalty.
  • Surveys & NPS: Email Popups & Upsell Pop Up also feature surveys, quizzes and NPS campaigns, allowing store owners to measure their success and understand their visitors' behavior better.


Email Popups & Upsell Pop Ups offers a 14-day free trial, followed by three tiers to choose from. The Starter tier is priced at $29/month, the Basic tier is priced at $59/month, and the Plus tier is priced at $129/month. Additional charges may apply for some services.



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