PostNL Labels & Afhaalpunten is a Shopify app designed to make creating PostNL labels and displaying collection points a breeze. The app ensures that merchants can quickly and easily create multiple shipments, avoid additional fees charged by intermediaries, and display collection points during the checkout process. PostNL Labels & Afhaalpunten also prevents confusion regarding shipment tracking by automatically adding the Track&Trace code to orders.


  • Easy and fast preparation of multiple shipments: Merchants can quickly and easily create multiple shipments with just one click.
  • No additional fees: Merchants don't have to worry about paying additional fees to intermediaries as the app allows them to directly deal with PostNL.
  • Display Collection Points: Allows merchants to display collection points in the checkout process thereby giving customers a greater sense of control over their shipments.
  • Automatically adds Track&Trace code: Automatically adds the Track&Trace code to orders thereby preventing any confusion or miscommunication.
  • Push notifications: The app also supports push notifications allowing merchants to stay up-to-date with shipment statuses in real-time.
  • Bulk printing of labels: Merchants can easily print labels in bulk directly from the app.
  • Supports multiple currencies: The app supports multiple currencies, making it easier for merchants to transact with PostNL.
  • Detailed Reporting: The app also provides detailed reporting which allows merchants to analyze shipments and make better decisions.


PostNL Labels & Afhaalpunten is offered with a 14-day free trial, followed by a BASIC PLAN priced at $6.99/month. This plan includes all the core features offered by the app along with the 24/7 customer service.



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