Recart: SMS (Mobile) Marketing is a Shopify app designed to help businesses reach their customers through SMS. It is a fully-managed service and allows users to create automated marketing campaigns, custom pop-ups for desktop and mobile, and access to real-time analytics and compliance. With more than 13,000 Shopify brands already using Recart, businesses can get extraordinary return on investment and increase their revenue by an average of 14-33%. Recart's key features includes custom pop-ups for desktop and mobile, automated campaigns and welcome flows, compliance and real-time analytics, and 7-day-click attribution for sales. These features make it easier for businesses to engage their customers and keep them coming back for more.


  • Fully-managed Service: Recart's fully-managed service allows businesses to grow their customer base and increase their lifetime value through SMS campaigns, automations, and list growth.
  • Custom Pop-Ups: Businesses can create custom pop-ups for desktop and mobile to capture leads in two taps.
  • Automation: Recart has automated campaigns and welcome flows to help businesses engage their customers and reduce cart abandonment.
  • Campaign Templates: Businesses can also use templates to create promotional texts, event notifications, and holiday greetings.
  • Compliance: Recart is compliant with all regulations and laws, ensuring complete peace of mind.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Users can monitor the success of their campaigns with Recart's real-time analytics.
  • 7-Day-Click Attribution for Sales: Recart's 7-day-click attribution for sales feature allows businesses to easily track their sales and analyze the performance of their campaigns.
  • Updates, Support, and Training: Recart offers regular updates, customer support, and training so businesses can confidently use the software.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager: Users have access to a dedicated customer success manager to help them build, implement, and optimize their text-marketing strategies.


Recart: SMS (Mobile) Marketing is free to use with a free plan and a 21-day free trial. Additionally, businesses can choose to upgrade to one of the paid plans, which include the Starter plan at $299/month, Pro plan at $499/month, and the Scale plan at $999/month.



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