Automate journeys that drive growth

Moda automation flows allow you to deliver individualized engagement that drive repeat purchases while you sleep.
Flows - Desktop Cover
Flow templates

Ready-to-use playbooks to kickstart your growth journey

Your customers' first purchase is the beginning of a long-term relationship with your brand. Ready-to-go email & SMS workflows are all that's required to nurture this relationship. These workflows can be

  • Welcome Series
  • Abandoned cart
  • Post purchase
  • Win-back
  • Product recommendation and much more
Flow builder

Build optimal journeys specific to your customers

Moda's advanced drag-and-drop flow builder can work wonders in your retention journey through customization capabilities.

Customer experience focused automation templates

Let your growth metrics shine

Customer experience - Mobile

Turn on power growth playbooks

Welcome Series
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Abandonment Series
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Post Purchase Series
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Winback Series
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